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You're downvoted, because you seem to be whitewashing a few things - from Assad, to Soviets in Afghanistan, in your quest to paint USA blacker. You tell us to take intelligence community with a grain of salt, and then speculate about Kashoggi - where most information comes from Turkey's intelligence aparatus. Also socialists are also funded and armed by USA (see SDF in Syria). Also this guy (armed by USA) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nouri_al-Maliki is a Shia.

I mean, yes, USA foreing policy is a mess. But we should still be bothered by facts.

I agree regarding “whitewashing” the Soviet presence in Afghanistan, for example. But it was skipping over that to make a point - we occupied the country and did the exact same thing as the Soviets, for longer than they did, on our own dime, and encountered the same kind of resistance that we formerly supported. Whatever the reasons for the Soviet coup in 1979, our actions post 9/11 combined with our actions then show a schitzophrenic foreign policy.

Socialists and Shiites were obviously occasionally funded and armed by the USA, and I even alluded to this - Saddam was a socialist, and the new government of Iraq was a Shiite government. However, that doesn’t negate what I said - read it carefully. Far more mainstream sources than me have pointed this out:


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