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Disclaimer, I worked with Corbin for a decade, and have tons of respect for him. I agree with the diagnosis here, and I have one additional treatment suggestion:

The single easiest and most effective thing Apple could do to improve its SWE org is to invest in Radar.

Radar's importance within Apple cannot be overstated. It subsumes what would be multiple tools in other orgs. As an Apple SWE you spend a massive amount of time in it. And yet Apple treats Radar as a cost center, developed by an outsourced offshore team. It's slow to search, supports only plain text, is hard to script, and is missing obvious features, e.g. automatic duplicate finding.

Hire five good SWEs, give them a mandate to serve the needs of the org, and you will massively increase the effectiveness of every other engineer.

(My experience is now rather stale and I hope they've already formed such a team!)

> developed by an outsourced offshore team

I thought there were some engineers who worked on Radar, but then I heard that they had moved development offshore. Is this a new thing?

> is missing obvious features, e.g. automatic duplicate finding

Last I heard, I think someone was working on this in their free time. I don't think anyone has tried to add this as an official feature, though.

My experience is also out of date but I know they gave it a facelift recently to make it a more "modern" Mac/iOS app.

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