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Show HN: Freeciv-Web (freecivweb.org)
212 points by roschdal on Mar 10, 2019 | hide | past | web | favorite | 24 comments

Freeciv-web is an open source strategy game. Please post your feedback about the new version here!


Do you have a change log for the new release? I couldn't find one on github or the website.

Please see the changelog on github:


Where? I asked because I couldn't find one on the website or in the repo. I looked at all of the markdown files, the readme, the releases page, and the wiki.

The commit log: https://github.com/freeciv/freeciv-web/commits/develop

As you can see, it is moderatly actively maintained. More developers are welcome.

On desktop I can add columns to the cities display, so that I can sort by various metrics like overall production output, waste, etc.

Without that feature it is quite difficult to plan at a high level especially as the number of cities grows (and I play large pox!)

Huh, the 2D version is almost playable on mobile (3D version rendered, but panning was too laggy)! I was about to pan around without any lag and I played a turn, founding a city and whatnot, which was pretty cool. However, I wouldn't want to actually play a game since the controls are a bit fiddly.

I honestly expected it to just crash, but it worked well enough.

Awesome project, I'll consider playing a game on my desktop. I play occasionally with the desktop version, but a web version is much more accessible for new players to try out casually.

What phone do you have? The 2D version works fine on the iPhone se, the UI is even surprisingly usable on it. Having played the native Linux version and with how poorly most html5 games work on phones I totally didn’t expect this.

3D pans around fine on my OnePlus 3T which is an older phone.

Is this the same as the old freeciv.org's web version before it was shut down, or there's also some new development happening?

Charging for playing interesting civilizations with special starting units might be a strategy for making some money to support this project.

I just installed it via brew to play it in a flight but the installed version crashes :( anyway, good memories of old Civ games!

It is a pity that most old games are lost instead of open sourced.

I got 28FPS in power-save mode on a Galaxy S8 while running the benchmark.

Entirely playable performance-wise in my book.

Is there a 3d (isometric) html5 version AND a 2d, classic top-down one? Or is it just the former?

The controls are really wonky but its semi-playable. Pretty cool project!

The 3D version is surprisingly refreshing !

Awesome project! Keep up the good work.

Nice!! I played freeciv some time back, and have some patches in it. Nice to see it still developing.

Have they fixed the AI yet? Last I remember there weren't any difficulty options, only "genocidal by default".

Why do I need an account to play?

You need to pick a name of a minimum length for single player. That's all.

You don’t.

It’s a shitty UI isn’t it? In fact you don’t, you just need to enter a string in the username box.

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