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List of Emerging Technologies (wikipedia.org)
160 points by _-___________-_ on March 10, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments

I didn't see one topic on this page that I wouldn't be happy reading about for an entire weekend, at least. The world is too interesting.

Indeed. And maybe in the ultimate way of "grass is greener", any random item from this list is something I'd much more want to work on than the things I actually do.

for some reason I felt the exact opposite about most things on the list :/

Materials science is one of the most fascinating and underrated fields. There's so much to discover with the elements on the periodic table, and so many applications from those discoveries.

Honestly it looks like it needs to be split into distinct subfields given that lengthy list. Materials is going to be a major driver of innovation bin the 21st century alongside renewable energy.

So wikipedia will happily delete things based on notability and such. How is it that this has escaped the cull?

It's not the type of thing I'd expect to find in wikipedia at all.

To be clear, I don't have a problem with technology X being in Wikipedia. Indeed I expect there to be a page, and it would probably be my first port of call for finding out more. My problem is with an editorialised list of 'Emerging Technologies'.

This is probably my favorite Wikipedia list (List of Common Misconceptions):


This is missing the list of sexually active popes.


My prior comment did get a bit ranty.

Personally I'm a Wikipedia maximalist, it should record everything. They seem to have decided on a different path, partly on notability grounds, partly on the basis that its done elsewhere. That's fine as far as it goes but be consistent.

Lists make sense in a lot of contexts, lists of songs, albums, monarchs great. List of 'best' songs, 'greatest' monarchs, 'emerging' technologies, less so.

Fascinating! Only thing missing: An additional column for great Sci-Fi books that are inspired by the technology.

Also, technologies that were first described in sci-fi books and then were developed (or had their feasibility studied) in the real world.

Best link I’ve ever seen on HN. It’s getting late now, but pouring hours into this and I haven’t even come close to 10%. So many interesting fields and ideas. I’m excited for some more fun reading this week. Thanks!

There’s a lot of fascinating items on that list. Thanks for sharing

Looks like "original research" to me, quite interesting nonetheless.

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