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Did you end up publishing the manuscript elsewhere?

No; I never finished the book as a consequence of the deal falling through. The work I have is probably hidden somewhere on my NAS, though I suspect now the work would make me cringe since I have improved in my programming skills immensely in the last four years.

If you're asking because you want help with some network programming you are doing in Haskell then you can PM me on some kind of social media.

I suggest publishing it. Or publishing something else that's more relevant to your current or future work. And self-publish. A $30 book that you give to a prospective client is like a $30 business card. There's a wide range of self-publishing methods and services, but there are books on that subject that can help you make that decision, how to price it, and market it, etc. If you can provide a sane PDF, you've done most of the work a printing company cares about; the companies that assist in the self-publishing process should be able to accept almost anything, that's their job.

Write it as a reference that even you'd find useful, with emphasis on defining the basics and getting them right, and increasingly lighter when it comes to intermediate and advanced concepts. Those can either form future books or consulting or both. Since you've started writing, it's worth it to go through the whole process and publish. I did it with a conventional big publisher some time ago, but I wouldn't do that again today. The idea a big publisher would require you use Word is very familiar to me, and I think it's ridiculous.

Alternatively, if you don't want to spend any more effort on it, why not find a coauthor. Someone can take the text you have written, update it and refactor it and generally fix it up.

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