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People who don't even believe in karma are pretty dense. If you don't provide value, you won't have anything. He took value from people, all was taken from him. You can't escape it. It's the law of sewing and reaping.

Actually, the people he defrauded (and for which he's in prison) all say he doubled or even tripled their money.

Pyramid schemes also double and triple the money of people. Until they don’t.

That’s why we have securities laws.

So many in Corporate America remain unscathed after 2008. We need to formulate laws and enforce them. Karma can only do so much.

That must be a comforting world view.

That's not karma. That's the criminal justice system.

Karma, justice, call it what you want. You can't escape it.

It's incredibly rare for white collar criminals to get caught and put in jail. You have to look no farther than the White House to see that not only can you escape it, but that it's actually the norm.

People escape it all the time. We don’t live in the main DC continuity.

People escape karma/justice regularly, unless we're talking about Abrahamic-style afterlives.

Idi Amin died an old man in a palace in Saudi Arabia.

Lenin, Stalin and Mao all dies of natural causes as heroic leaders at the height of their powers. Arguably even Hitler died at a point where he was badly affected by Parkinson's Disease and it's unlikely he could have survived much longer anyway. They were each responsible for death and misery on previously unimaginable scales. It's hard to conceive of the suffering they caused even now. Only in the case of Hitler can we say any of them suffered for it at all, and even then only marginally when you look at the big picture. More recently, the leaders of North Korea have also died as worshiped heroes.

When you think about those people in your mind, where are they? HELL. The world is more than the physical. It is the imagination, the spiritual. Those people are being punished every day, every time we think of them.

Honestly, with Shkreli's level of ambition and intellect, I doubt he'll ever be broke or unsuccessful.

I'm not a fanboy or anything, but a big percentage of rich people have done some illegalities. They still end up on top. It's really survival of the fittest.

The humble people that want work life balance and doing the right thing are way less rewarded with money and luxury. You can be on the humble side, but don't wish misery on the witty capitalists. It will never happen.

It seems karma is working backwards in this case, since Shkreli usually makes everyone a lot of money, including the "victims" of his "securities fraud".

He did provide value with a great ROI

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