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> where JIT compilers are designed to optimize away...bounds checks

V8 does not optimize away bounds checks on array buffers. For one thing, array buffers can be detached, so their length can suddenly drop to zero.

It does for native arrays, at least:

> This is the incorrect optimization we’re looking for. JavaScript array accesses are guarded by CheckBounds nodes, which ensure that the index falls within the array bounds. If the optimizer can determine statically that the index is always in-bounds, it can eliminate the CheckBounds node. Image tying the index to the result of Object.is: since the typing information is off, we could make the analyzer think the index is always in-bounds, while it can be out-of-bounds at runtime. The optimizer will incorrectly eliminate CheckBounds, giving us OOB access to a JS array, which we can use to construct more powerful exploitation primitives.


See also


Microsoft's Chakra engine:


Hoisting a bounds check outside a loop is a common optimization, and I would be surprised if V8 doesn't do this for ArrayBuffers. But in any event my point is that the JIT compiler is in effect doing manual memory management outside the visibility of the host language, so for these types of bugs a memory-safe host language doesn't save you. And it can get this wrong and will get this wrong because these are extremely complex systems with high code churn.

JavaScript arrays and ArrayBuffers are totally separate animals.

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