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From the rust Oxidization page (hip name):

- "Crossing the C++/Rust boundary can be difficult."

- "For components that are relatively standalone, with small and simple APIs."

- "This minimizes the C++/Rust boundary layer issues."

Not only does Rust not have a good JavaScript integration story, it doesn't have a good C++ integration story.

Most of Firefox is still (8 years later) not written in Rust.

Chrome with C++ has a waaaaay better safety record than Firefox. Guess what? The C++ in Chrome tries to ensure memory safety for JS.

The C++ Chrome tooling does a better job of memory safety as a whole system than Firefox.

> Most of Firefox is still (8 years later) not written in Rust.

<nit>In part because 1.0 release of Rust popped up in 2015, not 2011.</nit>

None of this is responsive to my points.

Rust is bad at managing DOM memory in Firefox.

You make a lot of points about Rust and mention Firefox in your conclusion, right after saying Firefox is by and large not Rust. I think your logical argument would be better served by using clear language and a single subject. After you have those two things you can think about coming up with examples.

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