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> not being able to compensate for memory unsafety.

This is a bit of a simplistic view tbh. They have managed to drive up costs for 0 days on the black market. They have introduced auto-updating browsers to get security patches to users quickly. They have managed to reduce the number of security exploits. This is a big feat and major progress.

They have compensated for memory unsafety quite effectively. Maybe not perfectly, but well enough.

Yes, memory safe languages are wonderful. I myself am a rustacean and LOVE to RIIR. But their efforts weren't in vain.

Should they start thinking about adopting a memory safe language like Rust or Wuffs? Definitely.

> This is a bit of a simplistic view tbh.

It's a very literal one.

I think I've been very open about what an accomplishment they've made, and how proud they should be to have kept Chrome users safe for all of these years.

It is exactly because their efforts to secure Chrome are so impressive that I think this event is interesting.

None of what I've said is about Rust or even a suggestion that they shouldn't keep doing what their doing. One ITW exploit in a lifetime of a product is a great track record.

It is merely interesting to observe when herculean efforts fall down.

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