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Spotify definitely sends you low quality audio at times. Most people won't notice on common speakers and headphones, but even my "bad" speakers revealed the difference.

Amazon Music seems to be pretty good as far as quality is concerned. I think they download the MP3s onto the phone's local storage so they don't have bandwidth issues? Either way, I could hear the difference between Spotify and Amazon music. The difference between Amazon music and my own MP3s was not as apparent.

Pandora seems to sound "fine", although I seldom play it loud enough to notice. Spotify was the only one where I noticed the quality being notably bad. It's possible it's due to a low bandwidth fallback. And maybe they throttle their own servers at peak times, in addition to detecting the lack of local wi-fi.

The other thing to note is that Spotify will send you lower quality audio on the mobile vs. desktop client.

When I last moved, I plugged my phone (running Spotify) into my receiver to check that I'd gotten my speakers set up right. It was so muffled-sounding that I was worried I'd somehow damaged my speakers!

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