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I use Opus for music playback for all my archived music. The reason it's not more widespread was opposition of the likes of Apple to free codecs. Today they are losing this, and Opus is making its way even to Apple's systems.

Is there a particular reason you don't opt for lossless formats (e.g. FLAC) for your music archive? I imagine the only constraint would be space, though storage gets cheaper by the year.

I use FLAC for storage, and Opus for playback. I.e. in essence I use both. The benefit of lossless is ability to re-encode later to any new codec (Opus-next?) if it will be useful. For playback, transparent Opus is good since it takes less space.

I.e. in practice - in my main archive I use FLAC. On some portable players and etc. I use Opus encoded from that FLAC.

That's why I always try to buy music in FLAC when possible and stores like Bandcamp are great for it.

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