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pre-echo will appear on very fast attacks; clapping, some types of drums and castanets are usually cited as the worst. Some styles of electronic music have fast attacks as well.

With older encoders, cymbals were terrible, but lame's psychoacoustic model is pretty good at masking those artifacts these days (at least at high bitrates).

For examples, some quick searching on hydrogen audio found a couple songs reported to be ABX distinguishable with lame and after previewing the songs, they do in fact have a lot of quick attacks:

Human Disease by Slayer (Some very fast and cleanly played drum parts; also it's mostly not snares; snares sound terrible at low bitrates, but I personally can't distinguish high-bitrate snares from uncompressed snares)

Show Me your Spine by PTP (The "instrument" used for the base rhythm has an unnaturally short attack).

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