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I'm reminded of how some people complain that there are a lot more queer people around and claim that they are somehow "fake" or "going through a phase", when all that's happened is that visible signs are no longer quite so violently suppressed. Or dead of AIDS.

well, rebelling against parents nowadays in a unique fashion, is hard to do, our parents have already rebelled using so many facets available to them, listened to punk music, drugs/mdma/acid, fashion etc... one of the areas to rebel with , left untouched by previous generations, is gender.

> left untouched by previous generations, is gender

Stonewall was 1969; gender-fluidity, androgyny, "glam" etc were a big part of 70s and early 80s pop. I do agree that there's a big fight between second-wave feminists and trans people going on at the moment.

Not to mention before that with women wearing pants as the rebellion, suffragists and others - that was a rebellion against gender. You might say those were different as "not really a part of gender" but the past would vehemently disagree with you.

Look at photographs of secretly female soldiers - to the modern eye it is obvious enough to serve as documentation but then her comrades didn't know until after injury or death because they expected women in skirts and dresses not uniforms.

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