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Interesting, definitely had the experience of thinking "Am I becoming more autistic?" but just put it down to caring less about what other people think about it. Now I wonder if this is closer to the truth.

I'm not sure but I'm pretty confident I've experienced a degradation of memory. I combat it with copious note taking and judicious use of a calendar but it does feel unpleasant. I do wonder if it's simply because I do more activities within a single day than I used to in my previous routine of development on a single application one task at a time + social. Now I can have to deal with many tasks for many customers all vying for my attention in parallel.

EDIT: Found great improvement from wearing headphones and sunglasses outdoors though. Helps me avoid too much new information in the morning when my brain is best suited for taking on new information and I have the minimal number of draws on my attention.

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