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Where (or to what kind of area) are you moving? Will you drive?

Raleigh NC, it's a little slower-paced down there - plus warmer and sunnier. I'm hoping to get a place near the college or downtown for walkability, but will probably still end up spending a little more time in the car. Luckily my spouse doesn't mind driving. Though they do have instacart and prime now these days too, so I'll have options. I've lived there before and the only big downside then was the career growth opportunities, but I've got a sweet remote gig now, so that's covered.

How much does remote gig pay you?

Don't like to go into specifics online - but same amount as I've been offered for a senior devops position in NYC (not financial tech to be clear, but the offer was still solid from my research). So it's a good deal for me.

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