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10yrs After 'Miracle on the Hudson' Sully Talks Discipline and Handling Pressure (inc.com)
2 points by wmij 48 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

From the interview, this struck me the most:

Q: "How do you produce a great culture in a smaller team--like one operating an airplane or perhaps building a startup?"

Sully: It starts with core values. It starts with leadership by example. Trying to live what you believe and make it apparent to those around you. Especially on a small team, not a single word, not a single interaction goes completely unnoticed or is without consequence. If you walk the talk, people notice it. And if you don't, they notice it. So I think trying to model the attitudes, the behavior, the values that you believe in, that you want to see. If you do that, it can be contagious. Courage can be contagious. Compassion can be contagious. Competence. Continuous learning. Constantly striving for excellence can be contagious. And that benefits not just you and your team but also society.

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