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Regarding the media issues, it seems that Facebook is also being used as a convenient scapegoat: https://jakeseliger.com/2018/11/14/is-there-an-actual-facebo..., often by reporters who don't even understand the issues they're nominally covering, or who seem to have made up their minds about the system before starting to write.

That is a very common way that Facebook employees see the company. This is explicitly what I was told during my introduction: act impeccably in public and raise any ethical issues that could be imagined internally because the name of the company will be used to sell papers no matter what you did. To take several recent cases:

- Facebook employees consider that Cambridge Analytica was caught, abused their power, lied under oath and was never able to leverage Facebook Custom Audience anyway; short of using Police forces (and Facebook really should not have that kind of power) there wasn’t much that Facebook could have done more;

- As a consequence of that, there was a movement to control abusive pages in politics, and everyone was claiming for a clamp-down. It took 24 hours for Facebook to ask for ID for the moderators of all large political pages, because they realised that any of those could be GRU operatives, and 5 minutes for everyone to find this deeply objectionable. :facepalm:

- Apps sending their user’s actions to Facebook Analytics when those actions are Heartbeats, blood pressure, migraine and Period time: Facebook employees consider that Analytics is a service for people to target their own users based on their own classification. There are some possible issues with it (the classic being ethnic discrimination for real estate) but no one at Facebook cares about your period. Facebook could enforce more strongly that the apps communicate with their users about the Analytics tool, but that’s 100% going to blow back around the common theme that Facebook is abusing their power. You’ll have virulent op-ed outraged at how their dare to threaten to de-platform feminist apps about empowering women and their health, and how dare they. I’m happy to bet real money that the people asking for more control will be the same to protest against it, less than a week later.

_Catch-22_ comes to mind.

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