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Before I respond, please don't misinterpret me. I think it is perfectly acceptable to choose Rust over Java saying nothing more than, "We felt Rust would be a better fit for the team," or "We were more excited by Rust." However, if somehow you have imposed on you the constraint that you need to compile ahead of time, this is not enough to toss Java out of the running.

Vert.x encountered some issues with reflection while Rust simply does not support the sort of dynamic reflection that Java running on the JVM can achieve. SubstrateVM forces you to have compile time reflection, and Rust can also support this to some extent. If Rust is a feasible alternative to Java for you, then you are not going to encounter this limitation if you choose to go with Java. Plus, if you ever decide you do need this power in your application, if you go with Java you can pay the cost of the increased operational expense and install a JVM.

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