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Djangy got an interview and then after several days, a rejection letter. We're too similar to Heroku.

You know what? I'm not really that upset. They made a good decision from their point of view. But we have 200+ beta users, lots of positive feedback, and have a good product.

We don't need YC to tell us that. So just keep on truckin. Get users, iterate, and make YC regret rejecting you :-)

I could imagine YC might consider there might be a conflict of interest in funding you (although they have funded competitors before).

Right. Like I said, it's a totally reasonable reaction. I really enjoyed the interview and talking to the other companies while we waited.

If I was them, I probably would've made the same decision. But we're still kicking ass :-)

Out of curiosity, are you going to apply to TechStars ?

Didn't plan on it.

EDIT: to clarify, YC was never about the money for us.

Was it specifically the Heroku-connection that made YC attractive to you (i.e. their expertise in this marketplace) ?

No way. It actually had very little to do with Heroku. We wanted to be involved in the network (I already know several folks from recent YC batches), to contribute, to tap the collective wisdom of the YC alumni, and the connections to publicity outlets.

Like I said, it had very little to do with Heroku and the money. We have a product with users and we wanted some help and to contribute.

I sent in an invite request to Djangy... Hopefully you'll give me an account ! :)

Email me: dave@djangy.com

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