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If you apply to work at Facebook do they look at non-public content in your Facebook account? Let's assume you're not even keeping your Facebook profile a secret.

No. This would be a violation of our data privacy policies and would result in immediate termination of all employees involved.

Given the complete lack of respect that Facebook has for individual privacy and the wellbeing of our society in general why should anyone believe this?

If you think that of FB, why would you be applying to work there?

Not that I support the idea, but big bucks ?

It would violate terms of service you agreed to.

Um, please explain how Facebook using data you gave it for Facebook's purposes violates Facebook's terms of service.

I figured that was the answer for the hiring manager and all regular employees in the hiring chain, and wasn't implying that anyone might go digging in violation of the rules. (At least not since the early days where stories like that abound.) Wondering more about the HR department doing it under direct authorization of senior management. I assume that Facebook like most companies runs background checks on prospective employees. They must at least be tempted to include their own vast database as part of that background check. I could imagine an automated "security check" process that could be run on a profile without actually seeing that profile, and if it turned up red flags (keywords, high number of reported posts, etc.) HR goes digging further. Maybe not, but certainly wouldn't surprise me.

Sorry, but i cannot see any good reason to trust the word of anyone from Facebook. This company has shown that it is routinely deceptive and lying. Why woud this be an exception ?

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