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You can set it to be searchable by friends only, which should avoid recruiters being able to do this, unless they are adding themselves as friends first.

If you set it to searchable by friends only, wouldn't you still show up in the suggestions? Especially if your number is added in someone's cell phone?

By the way: I haven't actually used facebook since 2012...

I’m not entirely sure how suggestions work in this context, I would presume that you’d only show up in suggestions to the circle within which you had allowed your number to be searchable, and so ‘friends only’ should prevent being added by phone number.

I totally get people want a "only me" option here, but really how bad is "friends-only" here? If I'm "friends" with you, you probably already know my phone number in real life.

I'm not really actively using Facebook anymore, but when I did, the threshold for becoming a "Facebook friend" was a lot lower than that for regular friends, or people I shared my phone number with.

Because a "facebook friend" isn't an actual friend, and having these "friends" have my phone number is like everyone in a bar being able to look up my number. Or perhaps like going to a work conference and everyone being able to call me.

The random "How are you are you single wanna talk about sex with me?!!???" messages are bad enough. I certainly don't want those as phone calls.

Those on the list that are actual Friends might have my phone number. Might not, though, since there is no point (I moved countries). In any case, they know not to freaking call me unless it is important or you have reason or you want me to answer my door.

Letting your friends have your number is a separate setting you can turn off (at least for now). This is about friends who have your number being able tell that it is your number, I think.

> Because a "facebook friend" isn't an actual friend

That's only true for you if you choose it to be true for you.

On the surface that is true, but most folks understand it doesn't really work that way and facebook isn't really used that way. At a minimum, facebook is generally full of actual friends (for me, maybe 5 folks now), family (my family is large) and folks you generally have met from school and work and other folks you might know in a professional manner or through groups and activities.

Not all of these groups would have my phone number, but facebook isn't exactly a telephone service at its core.

Can't you limit your FB friends to actual friends?

Sure, at a cost. Actual friends and immediate family? I'm covered in 20 people or less. Most wouldn't call, though, since I moved across an ocean.

I could include folks I've been to school with, folks I met in language class, a few folks I've worked with, and so on. I don't want all of these folks to call me, though, and I*d rather some didn't have my number. I also don't fully dislike these folks.

More seriously, though, it would keep my social circle smaller. I met my spouse online around 10 years ago, and this sort of caution you ask about would mean I wouldn't have my life.

Becaused for most people "friends" on facebook range from tru life-long friends down to mearly contacts, people you need to interact with in some way butdon't neccessarily want bothering you by phone.

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