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How is it better for something to stop working but not exit? It’s exceedingly uncommon for anyone to have correct handling for OOM exceptions so the most likely effect is that stuff partially works - servers accept requests but never respond, apps have menus/buttons which don’t work, etc.

Similarly, if developers who deployed apps knew enough to avoid this, we’d know by now because it wouldn’t happen so frequently. It does highlight who failed to do real health-checks (e.g. years ago most Hadoop services needed huge amounts of RAM to start without crashing but they’d be listed as okay) but it’s the kind of thing sysadmins have been cleaning up for decades.

You are probably right for this case, my initial comment was related to performance tuning configuration, the comment I replied sounded like JVM should have had X set to my preferred value or "I prefer software that has no options to confuse me with aka GNOME mentality"

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