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Is there a site that lists startups that are hiring?
37 points by adammichaelc on May 17, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 39 comments
If so, what is it? If no such website exists, then one should exist. I would love to browse such a site to look for startup job opportunities. It could include a broad range in the amount of equity that was up for grabs, etc.


In my experience, pretty much every start up is hiring provided you're qualified and passionate enough. By their very nature, start ups can't possibly list things like expected salary or equity because those heavily dependent on what you yourself bring to the table. If you'd like a place to start when looking for start ups you'd be interested in, http://www.crunchbase.com/companies might be a good place to start.

In the words of Paul Bucheit (from his talk at Startup School 08), "I've never really had any problems figuring out what to do with more really great people... because they can usually just take care of themselves."

If you want to work for companies that have been funded, most of the venture capitalists have job listing in their websites:

http://news.ycombinator.com/jobs (you already know this)




There are 2 comments praising the site you link to, both from user names created at the exact same time as your own.


Am I the only one who ignores job postings asking for "Rockstar developers?"

No. It makes them look deseprate imo.

that "if your boss is coming..." link is hilarious

What a cute interface. I love it.

Thanks for the mentions of Go BIG (this is Wil, the founder) but keep in mind you can pick up some other broader searches through indeed.com and simplyhired.com - most of the sites like ours do syndicate those feeds. Also, check out 37signals and techcrunch for their job feeds which are often pretty sweet and pretty targeted. Not sure if you're looking strictly for tech startups. Some people want tech jobs in non-tech companies (imagine that!)

I found these from a quick google search. Has anybody used these? Are there others?




I just checked out gobignetwork.com. It seems to have a lot of traction. It's been featured on MSNBC, Business Week, Forbes, and the WSJ.

Apparently it's helped companies get funded, find startup employees, and help freelancers market their services... and has an easy user interface.

Has anybody else used GoBigNetwork?

What's up with the down mod? I got all the info from the site... It does look really impressive...

I did upmoded you, mainly b/c I don't think you deserved it. But gobignetwork seems to be the place that attracts wantrepenours, mostly guys with ideas, no concrete plans and attitudes that real hackers generally dislike. I could be wrong thou, but that's the perception of the site.

So one guy has an opinion counter to the norm (here) and he gets thrown under the bus? I don't even know the guy and I think that's pretty weak.

Oh. That explains it. Thanks.

a great way to find the job you're looking for is go to the about us page of websites that you really love. If the company is established/funded they will most likely have a list of opportunities.

If there is nothing listed email one of the founders directly and tell them why you want to work and what you can do (keep it short).

You probably won't get a job instantly, but 3 months down the line people will be contacting you before they post the open jobs.

My site: http://www.startuplogic.com aggregates jobs from 4 different websites.. hope you like it.

I wish I knew of a place to post jobs for startups other than craigslist. I have a position open now if anyone is interested for a junior .NET/SQL Server dev. http://www.learnitfirst.com/Jobs/2008/JuniorDeveloper-01.asp...

Did you look at GoBigNetwork.com?

Snaptalent - http://snaptalent.com

Good recap of this thread and some other advice on finding a great start up job. Worth reading: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=193661

npost (http://www.npost.com) is a good place to check out for startup jobs.

I run nPost and would welcome feedback on the site. We try and focus solely on tech startup jobs. We also featured over 200 interviews that we have done with startups including Disqus, and others.

If you would like to contact me you can do so at nathan (at) npost (dot) com.

www.standoutjobs.com is a great place to find this kind of job

There seem to be a lot of sites for web startups. How about for systems?

Entrepreneurial internships... www.enternships.com

www.conotes.com is up and coming.

Hey Mystalic - Thanks for the compliment. It's great to see people using CoNotes.

To everyone else, I am the founder of CoNotes, which is another resource available for startup positions. Currently there are over 500 companies and 200 openings available. I'd love to hear people's thoughts.


Link-ified - http://www.conotes.com

Noah's blog lists them sometimes...www.okdork.com

my site whichstartupsarehiring.com is now hiring

The link didn't work.

Yeah, I need a better sysadmin. Hence hiring.


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