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Commercial development or test use isn't free. It's only free for personal, noncommercial use. So I'd argue it isn't so easy to understand.

How it isn't? You just explained it quite well.

Not to mention that the Web is now full of discussions around this, with official posts from Oracle, Red-Hat, Amazon, IBM, Azul, Microsoft explaining how to go forward.

Figure out what you would pay if you used it in an elastic ECS setup. Using only Oracle documentation as a guide :)

Why should I? There is OpenJDK for that.

But assuming that Oracle support is actually desired, here is what you are asking for.




Old Java dog here.

But lets just forget about the efforts from AdoptaJDK, Red-Hat, Amazon, Azul and bash Oracle, it is more fun.

"here is what you are asking for"

None of that helps you with what the charge is when you're elastic, or using multiples of hyperthreads that don't add up to a integer number of cores. I agree that OpenJDK is a better idea.

If you want to be fully sure and insist in using Oracle JDK, then do like any enterprise shop and call the sales team to get their written word, what is so hard about it?

Why would use use only Oracle documentation? Call sales guys and ask them for a license. They would be happy to sell you something and there's even some chance for some kind of discount.

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