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Do you actually believe it and why? To me it looks like a fairly pathetic attempt to damn JavaScript but I'm not sure why anyone who has actually used JS for any length of time would be convinced of its accuracy.

The article is hosted at rust-lang.org so one would be wise to take their words with a grain of salt. And Rust isn't even a tiny fraction as popular as JavaScript and so when you use Rust you're choosing from a small set of packages written by experts and the kind of people who use languages that nobody else really uses. Meanwhile, JS has millions of packages written by everybody for various platforms (since JS can run in all sorts of environments where nobody would ever want to run Rust.)

Also there's the anecdotal, yet easily empirical evidence that just about any developer who uses JS can tell you about: I deploy new JavaScript services all the time without any of those problems.

So, I wonder if you're actually asking this question or if you have some other agenda.

This paper is written about the experiences of the organization that distributes those millions of packages. Those same people that have written so much important JavaScript their tool gets distributed with node itself.

What kind of load do your node services get? I’d be willing to bet the npm registry has more. That plays into this kind of thing.

The article may have been hosted at rust-lang.org but it was written by people at npm which is very much a JavaScript boosting organization.

Rust definitely has some benefits as well as tradeoffs when compared to JavaScript which they discuss. Learning curve is higher but the end product is probably devoid of a number of errors and operational issues over the lifetime of the service. While in theory possible to get similar results with JavaScript the level of consistent discipline it requires is in practice impossible.

These are facts not opinions.

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