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I'm not a fan of relying on distro package managers for installation of runtime dependencies on servers. Too many opportunites for variables to creep in if the version isn't locked, and then having to make sure all the package manager dependencies and config themselves. Even if you automate you're still at the mercy of the repo to have the version you need etc. and often times you need to customize the install for a highly-available and/or virtualized environment. Bad times all around.

What's the alternative? Not installing the dependencies so the app doesn't work?

The alternative is vendoring the dependencies. That includes the JDK or Node runtime. With “modern” deployments you’ll see this with container based packaging that includes the runtimes either explicitly or via system packaged (in the container). The classic approach is copy the runtimes into your final application tarball.

Either way the runtime is baked into the app and gets deployed and tested with it as a core component. Runtime upgrades then become vanilla deployments.

Lots of options: containerization, downloading prebuilt binaries, downloading and building from source, or downloading, building, then packaging the artifacts and leaving somewhere centralized for deploy.

Using the language package manager - npm, cargo, etc.

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