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Have you considered applying to The Openfund (http://theopenfund.com/) or HackFWD (http://hackfwd.com/)?

I have friends who suggested it, but I was kind of set on YC for the experience and advice they can offer, I'll see what my options are, though, thank you.

Or perhaps techstars.org too.

Yeah, too bad the application deadline for Techstars NY was closed couple of hours ago. I suggested Openfund because it's also based in Greece, but it's Pan European.

If I recall correctly, the Open Fund doesn't take single founders.

It's true we don't fund single founder startups but we're still interested to see exceptional applications even if it's just one person behind them. You can still get past the first stages of our screening process provided you have an appropriate idea and adequate experience. However, to successfully complete the entire process you need to have found a co-founder by the time this period (~1.5 months) ends. This is not the best case scenario but for exceptional ideas we're willing to consider it.

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