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Hey hey. My name is Michael. So, just did a quick cut&paste of part of your comment that I wish to comment on: "Luckily, Firefox, arguably among the most 'free from corporate greed' of the browsers, has now finally caught up to Chrome on stability and speed (in my experience)," No, you're not alone. I will absolutely agree with you about Firefox quickly catching up to Chrome and at an alarming (but satisfying) rate. By that, I only mean that Google is no longer a sort of "underdog" like it was-at least when standing next to Microsoft-(and hasn't been for some time).And I have to agree with Reda's comment that Google has become the very thing that it was trying to stomp out in Microsoft: a sort of monopoly-just-short-enough-of-being-a-monopoly to escape the law's notice. What I fear is that Google will get so big and powerful that if they did get close enough to technically qualifying as being a monopoly that they could and quite possibly would be like, "SO?! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?" And being able to because at that point, who COULD do anything? I never thought it possible for any one company until recently. It is too close for comfort. Thanks, Michael

ps- sorry it was so long. I actually am working on that.

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