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See “team”.

Not everyone works as developer #4932 on some fungible homogenous team.

That's it, isn't it? I cannot think of any other profession where such a large majority of people defend so strongly their right to work on their own terms inside an organisation. When was the last time you heard about a solicitor or someone from HR complaining that he won't use Excel or Word because org-mode or Corel Wordperfect is better for his needs, and he can just email the .org files around anyway. People can open them with wordpad.exe or TextEdit if they like.

I wonder whether this is actually a sort of class issue. The dissonance between being part of god's chosen tribe and the realisation of being decidedly middle class all the while. It manifests itself by turning people into Emacs emos. It's not a phase, I am unique, and I'll run away from home if you tell me otherwise.

I hate to say it but after reading all of your comments this on in particular think I'm sold on the idea and I was really against it when I read your first comment. I don't know if will catch on but I would definitely give it a chance.

Interesting thoughts. I haven't given it that much thought. All I know is that the tools that are great for C++ development aren't equally as great for web application development. But we are all certainly on the same team, collaborating on a daily basis.

It felt absurd that if we aren't all doing the same job then surely we're not on the same team

You're right on that. I never viewed backend and frontend as the same team. Obviously they should be using the appropriate tools for their job.

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