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"I got an email from Paul Graham saying basically that being a single founder put me at a disadvantage, because two founders can talk each other out of bad ideas, but I appeared too stubborn."

Fortune 500's biggest company is a single-founder company. Most Fortune 500 companies were founded by a single person. Don't let detractors tell you single-founder companies don't work.

Oh, I'm too stubborn to be convinced they don't work, I just wish PG weren't :P

Fascinating. Source?


and Wikipedia. I went through most of the list. It's right to me.

If you look at the wikipedia page for Sam Walton, the founding looks a little more nuanced: "Walton went on to open more Ben Franklin Stores with the help of his brother, father-in-law, and brother-in-law."


Sam Walton's autobiography mentions that his father-in-law provided the initial capital (that was about it), and his brother played an insignificant role (like buying things from suppliers). His brother, who was younger, was more of a helper while Walton built his first store (a Ben Franklin store that he later sold and started Walmart on his own based largely on his Ben Franklin stores).

Perhaps I'm quibbling, but an autobiography that downplays the contributions of others? Quel surprise!

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