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A very well-thought out site and a good implementation (I've just tried it). I'm going to use it.

I'm a single founder and whilst I've never reached a point with stratospheric income, the businesses that I have built in the 15 years I've been an entrepreneur have been great. I've enjoyed life. For me, being a single founder has always meant quick decisions and I employ people to compliment me. I'm not a 'finisher' - I'm an ideas person - and so I needed to employ people who would keep me on track and help me finish. There is no right or wrong way in terms of the number of founders, my opinion, and indeed I have both seen and experienced that having more than one founder can lead to disagreements. Good luck with Historious. I really like it

perhaps your income would be more stratospheric if you hire fewer employees that compliment you and more that complement you :)

Yeah, and maybe check my spelling :) Thanks for pointing that out!

Thank you, there are definitely advantages and disadvantages to being a single founder (avoiding founder drama is an advantage, for sure). I'm glad you've managed to work things out for you, after all is said and done, I don't think there's anything people like us would enjoy more than running a startup, even if it's not wildly successful.

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