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ReactXP is the most mature mobile/desktop RN project and being used to develop the new Skype.

It provides common components to glue react-windows, react-macos, and react-native together.

The downside is you have to roll most of the components yourself due to a lack of UI lib, but it has all of the core components, and imo that's better.

The really cool thing about react-windows is it builds UWP apps so you can target Xbox, W10, and Windows Mixed Reality natively. MacOS support is experimental but the core is there. Linux support can be achieved with Electron (I know, not native, but maybe someone will make a react-qt project)


According to their documentation, the _only_ desktop platform they support natively (that is, without something like electron) is windows 10:

> Other platforms such as Windows 7 & 8, MacOS, and Linux can be targeted using a web wrapper solution like Electron.

That's interesting, but Macos/linux support are a hard requirement for what I work on professionally / side projects though. Windows support isn't.

They support UWP which includes all modern Windows environments (Windows 10, Xbox One, Windows Mixed Reality)

There is experimental support for MacOS, but it's actually very far along, close to being usable for production if not already.

Linux support isn't very widespread for many cross-platform technologies in the first place, so Electron is the best bet there. Maybe someone will make a react-qt project.

> Maybe someone will make a react-qt project.

There's https://github.com/status-im/react-native-desktop

It'd be nice to have a React Native for GTK though. There's https://github.com/Place1/react-native-gtk but it's abandoned. React Native for GTK might get ReactXP natively onto Linux: https://github.com/Microsoft/reactxp/issues/41

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