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You haven't used team chat for work? Then, things tend to happen chronologically, like, step by step problem solving, or doing something together. In such situations, it can be more important to find the most recent comments, than to find any "best" comments.

It's about what matters most: Knowing what's happening right now, what everyone is doing, what one is supposed to do next. Then, chronological team chat. Versus finding the best comments, e.g. when discussing a news article, or pro and cons about an idea.

We were using Slack at my last job, and it was great (now I don't like Slack any longer though, not after they added their weird threading. I like Zulip instead). Slack & Zulip = good sometimes, HN = good for other things.

We had been using Slack at a job and that was plain horrible. Say something, it drowns quickly pushed away by newly arriving messages and nobody ever remembers the problem you've mentioned unless you repeat times and times again. I've quit the job because of this. If there was a tree everybody would see an outline of problems and comments that have not been answered would be hard to ignore. IMHO chats are handy for casual personal communication and absolutely unsuitable for a meaningful conversation involving more than 2 people.

Hmm I recognize that. I mean, important information / answers / questions, in a chat-only community, that scroll up, away and are gone.

Aha you have in mind a chronological "chat" / discussion, with threads? Rather than a best-comment-first HN discussion page?

If you use something else than Slack now, it'd be interesting to hear what that could be?

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