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We’re thinking about un-slacking our team. We’re utilizing Airtable and Atlassian for more contextual discussion but want to keep a chat system around - especially as a 100% remote team. Rocket.chat has been our planned destination for some time now, but we have looked at Zulip in the past as well. Can anybody compare and contrast Zulip vs Rocketchat, or link to something that does? I’m especially interested in if this new release changes that equation in any significant ways.

I was part of the un-slacking task force at my previous job. We gave Rocketchat a test run, but ultimately decided it was just a less-polished Slack. We also took Twist for a spin, which I really enjoyed. However, our support department relied too much on real time chat to abandon it completely. Zulip was a really nice compromise that I highly recommend.

If every Slack post had to be either the start of a thread or a reply to a thread, you'd basically have Zulip. The hardest part is conditioning everyone to use good thread names and not establish topics that are overly broad or narrow.

I think better would be just to try both and let the team decide. 1-2 weeks each.

We have migrated from HipChat and 1st we tried was Stride then Zulip, where we stopped.

Main complaints regarding Zulip were (are) Windows client not stable, UI a bit clunky.

Since you mentioned 100% remote, don't you think Zulip has advantage over other chat apps because of the asynchronous nature of conversations? Zulip team is also fully remote. We have core team members in North America, Europe and Asia all using solely Zulip for communicating. We don't do video/audio conferencing. All most all the decisions are made via text chat thanks to the wonderful asynchronous nature of Zulip threads :)

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