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As a test about 6-7 months ago I set up a Zulip server on a VPS to test it out. Because it was a test I can't speak to scale, upgrading, or maintenance, but I would hope most any VPS would easily support ~30 users. The install process was unmemorable. I just had another look at the docs because I couldn't remember the process was. This is probably the best endorsement that can be given because the worst-case would be hunting down dependencies and having to compile stuff and tweak config files and it taking up most of a day or two. Instead, it was probably less than an hour from going to my vps' website to provision a new server to logging into Zulip from the client on my phone. I don't see any reason not to try yourself.

I'm not sure of your proficiency, but if this is a public-facing server you may want to either go with their paid service or hire someone to do the initial setup and walk you through maintenance since there's more to securing a server than just installing and getting it working.

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