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Interesting idea; it's not something I'd thought about. I definitely figuring out what SMTP server to use is the hardest part of Zulip server setup, and I had believed there was nothing we could really do to make it easier. I guess the concerns I'd have are:

* Do people running on-premises actually want us to be an intermediary for all the emails their Zulip server is sending? I would imagine if they were happy with that, they'd be happy to just use Zulip Cloud.

* How does 3CX avoid this service requiring them to do a bunch of anti-spam work?

- If the emails are only account setup or forgot password related, I don't see much issue. If you send daily digests or chat recaps, perhaps it's a bit much to assume this responsibility.

- 3CX has a footer in each email: This email was sent from an 3CX SMTP Relay Service. If you suspect the service has been used unlawfully and/or outside the scope of delivering 3CX Phone System related emails, please file an abuse report here: https://www.3cx.com/smtpabuse

How much work this requires on their end to keep clean is unknown, but definitely a concern as well.

For 1-click deploys, have you considered packaging for cloudron? It has other chat apps and it has automated email send/receive as well.

It looks like they are based on Docker; I imagine they could use https://github.com/zulip/docker-zulip. It seems like Cloudrun packages other apps, not the other way around?

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