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I'm a little bit confused about the number of arguments against the OP's post, here and especially on his own site.

As someone who's considering whether going w/GAE or custom, the points he makes are totally valid and applicable.

Well, I don't know much, but I do know that memcache has a limit of 1MB per value. So that fact that he attributes this to be a problem with AppEngine tells me two things: 1. He doesnt read technical specs (forget the manual, just the basics of "what this library does"). 2. His complaint in this case is completely invalid and entirely his own fault. This leads me to believe (on an albeit small samples size) that the rest of his complaints are invalid. Here is someone who begins a project without understanding the tools available, and when he encounters their limits he then blames the hosting environment. I expect he will have a rude awakening.


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