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> But this is where it gets tricky; Every major scientific theory ends being wrong over time.

This is just not true. Many scientific theories end up being wrong, but not all. Many are refined, and added to, but not all end up just being wrong.

We should keep posting this excellent rebuttal from Isaac Asimov to stamp out this misunderstanding: https://chem.tufts.edu/answersinscience/relativityofwrong.ht...

That was a great read!

It’s kind of confusing if you adjust your article during a discussion whiteout marking it.

Any suggestions for how to best do that? I like the idea of living documents (to a degree).

You can place an “edit” in front of your change and even link it to the comment that caused the change. That has the added benefit of giving credit.

Of course not in front of each typo.

Here: > Every major scientific theory ends up being wrong over time (edit: sort of).

I agree that your already read-worthy text gains through interaction.

Changed the "sort of" link to this very thread. Let's get meta!

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