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We have a product built on app engine, sure we've had our share of challenges but the benefits far outweigh them. To name a few benefits: A developer staff of 1 can focus on the application code and not the infrastructure details. Fast image serving auto-scales all your images to any size, and serves them off the fast servers used by Picasa. Versions can be used for testing multiple branches of code on production servers seamlessly.

#1 Has never been an issue for us #3 Is incorrect with the new task queue upgrades #6 We have a full-text system working just fine #7 Is a benefit when working with a distributed datastore #8 DB performance after the recent updates has been stunning #10 So they badly designed their queries and blame app engine? #11 Is flat out incorrect #12 What database is immune to failure? Would love to know

App Engine doesn't do everything, and no one is claiming it does. We have a secondary VPS we offload certain image processing tasks for example. But what it does do is extremely powerful from a develop perspective, and the application-centric model, like heroku or engine yard, is where things are headed. I would much rather leave the server and scaling issues to the experts so I can spend time improving my application.

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