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I currently use the Sticky Window Snapping[0] plug-in which allows resizing tiled windows together (see the demo at the link) and that does most of what I need. A lot of what I do now is fairly horrendous when attempted with a tiling window manager (music production with lots of vst windows open, using mouse heavy programs like Vivado and gimp), which soured me to tilers after using them for years.

I still have my treasured xmonad config available as an xsession for when i'm just doing dev things, and use it most of the time on the laptop I do programming with, but in general plasma5 is such a step up from any older versions of KDE it just works really nicely for everything else.

I'll have a look at the KDE tiling plugins although I'll be surprised if it can replace my xmonad setup (would be nice though).

[0] https://store.kde.org/p/1112552/

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