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#3 isn't true for taskqueue tasks or cron jobs anymore, the deadline is now 10 minutes ( actually will be once 1.4.0 SDK is released in about a week or so )

Also at first glance there is no indication of how the author got to a value of 15k€. My best guess, and a guess at that, is that they put the value of a line of code at 1€ and had to migrate 15k lines, but I hope there is more scientific than than.

I hate products that suck, waiting for that magical upgrade that's just around the corner.

After using AWS for some time now, with things like CloudFront, S3, Elastic Map Reduce and managed Mysql instances and AutoScale (and hey, they've got servers in Europe), App Engine really feels like a half baked toy.

He also mentioned that working around GAE set them back 5 months.

This entire article reads like a tutorial about how to make poor decisions.

I mean, if I want to eat a cake, and I know how to make a cake, I'm not going to pull up a recipe for brownies and try to make a cake out of them. This guy made some really bewildering choices; the list of things he clearly wants to do is both silly and frustrating.

"I want to write a site using Django that uses full-text search and multiple-table JOINs so that it takes longer than 30 seconds to load a single page, and Google App Engine won't let me!"


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