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#11 isn't true. Since a recent update, you can now retrieve more than 1000 results in a single call.

No, it is true. After the recent update you could use a combination of queries and offsets to retrieve more than 1000 results. To get 1001 results or more you need multiple calls.

I am sure you are mistaken.

The reason I'm sure is that I just tried it:

  entities = data.MyModel.all().fetch(1010)
  print len(entities) # Prints 1010
Then I thought that perhaps you meant the limitation still exists in the low-level datastore API — and it's worked around by the Model interface making multiple calls to the low-level API — but that's not true either:

  from google.appengine.api import datastore
  entities = datastore.Query("MyModel").Get(1010)
  print len(entities) # Still prints 1010
So: what do you mean?

I am mistaken. I apologize.

No, you can set limit in a fetch to whatever you please and the datastore will return all those results to you ... the 1000 limit was removed.


Where does it say that 1000 is the limit?

most of it isn't true

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