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Vim.dev is redirected to Emacs website (vim.dev)
71 points by farslan 25 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 59 comments

An Emacs user bought the vim.dev domain and mistakenly forwarded to the Emacs website while trying to press some key combination using a CAPS LOCK to CTRL mapped keyboard.

Its 2019, You have to map ESC to CAPS now. #MacBookProProblems

spaces.dev is still available, in case someone wants to buy it and redirect to something like tabs.com

Someone should register both spaces.dev and tabs.dev, then set them each up to redirect to the other, but only if the HTTP referer is not from the opposing site, to prevent infinite redirects. Then, the only way to access spaces.dev is to navigate to tabs.dev, and vice-versa.

Wouldn't work for people with referers disabled. I wonder if browsers have a max redirect count to prevent looping like this?

Yes they have. In Firefox, look for network.http.redirect-limit in about:config.


And the never-ending Editor War goes on

At this point I think it's just bunch of guys pulling pranks on each other. Most people in the industry don't care what you use as long as your code comes out clear, fast and secure.

Spoken like a dirty Emacs Orc!

I personally think using either one of them can improve your life a lot, and I'd recommend people learn either one. I started with vim and recently got into emacs, but heavy customization from spacemacs and evil-mode are what make it fairly painless. Vim's claim to fame is largely in the keybinds while emacs does stuff like document everything and give you a nice platform to build on top of. I'm glad I learned about modal editing, but also very glad I learned about stuff like helm and org-mode.

I've got finger injuries and lived with pain for two years and I still blame Emacs layout for it. Never going back to it again.

I use Vim keybindings pretty much everywhere now. even in my browser.

Emac is like smoking. It is definitely bad for your fingers, but many escape it for many factors (genetic, habits, lifestyle etc).

You shouldn’t blame the editor when it’s a layout problem. That’s what Evil mode is for. If you like Vim bindings, you’ll find the better Emacs ecosystem refreshing with better bindings.

Player 3 has entered the game: VSCode

You mean that Google Chrome based editor? Yeah it's cute.

Intellisense, not VSC as an editor, is what's causing the killer popularity. When will emacs get something like intellisense?

Autocomplete (in fact multiple competing implementations) has been available for more than a decade. There are dozens of sources of autocomplete data depending on your language of choice.

The best one I have found for C++ is rtags which uses clang as backend and it is magical when it works. Unfortunately the latency was just high enough to get in the way of my work especially after switching branches and the server being busy reindexing the codebase.

It was more than 3 years ago though, it is probably time to give it another try.

I must've named the wrong feature, but I mean VSC's language inference abilities and API. I've been waiting for years for other editors to get something like that. All other editors have something like snippets or autocomplete matching for keywords.

You can get intellisense in neovim with coc.nvim[0], which supports the full language server protocol. I've got it running with several VSCode extensions ported over to coc extensions, as well as the Microsoft Python Language Server.

[0]: https://github.com/neoclide/coc.nvim

Emacs supports LSP and many many other autocomplete sources.

Wait, that used to be textmate

No, it was Sublime Text. Textmate was never cross-platform.

Wait, that used to be sublime

I would be very surprised if VS Code isn't replaced in five to ten years. Simply because people get tired of editors and want the next thing to be different, not necessarily better.

I use VSCodeVim. Best of both worlds.

Then they might have actually gotten some Vim users to switch!

I've seen a big dropoff in everyday people using Emacs in the past 10 years. For terminal text editors, people seem to be ok with learning enough about Vim to be semi-productive.

I'm seeing a lot of people pick up orgmode.

emacs.dev doesn't even redirect to the emacs website. Sometimes these types of things are ok. On reddit there is the funny example of r/trees being all about marijuana and r/marijuanaenthusiasts being all about trees. Maybe someone can redirect emacs.dev to the vim website.

This is probably the funniest prank I've seen this year.

It's only March

Can’t stand this war. That’s why I moved to Atom!

Haha, not sure if sarcasm... But how is it affecting you?

I have been using atom for all of 2019. Its been quite terrible. Crashes every now and then, random lagging, cant delete files for some reason (its a reported bug). I have a vim plugin on it and a shortcut sheet on my desk which I am using to migrate to vim later. Others at work use vim and the way they edit text looks like magic.

atom is beautiful

Atom is slow

Well, there is always something

It was beforehand. works fine now.

Breaking: Some brave Vim user bought emacs.tech and forwarded to vim.org bug `tech` tld doesn't feel the same. Someone should reach out to emacs.dev owner.

That is strange, buying vim.dev was probably not cheap. Perhaps the owner did this as a joke until they get their vim.dev site setup?

The sunrise period ended yesterday. All .devs are now only 12USD/year

Not for short urls, those range from $92 to $720

cf. emacs.sexy (a useful list of resources) with vim.sexy (a satirical page).

:( Vim doesn't seem to have much luck with cute TLDs.

Vim has .vi and a chance to get .vim created.

https://emacs.dev redirects to vim.org

Now that’s some hacktivism!


I've never understood these editor wars. Isn't Vim simply a terminal editor, while Emacs is a GUI do-it-all?

Both have terminal and gui interfaces. The main difference (by default) is that vim has a mode for moving around and a mode for entering text and emacs does both at the same time (mostly by holding ctrl for moving around), but both can be configured out the wazoo to do either to some degree.

The joke that resonates most with me is: "Emacs can do anything - it's easily one of the most configuration programs ever created, and is practically its own operating system. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a decent text editor"

In all seriousness, I don't think anyone really takes these things to heart anymore. I picked up Vi because it was on all the systems that I use. Once I began to learn it, i moved to Vim, as most people do. Later, Neovim got to the point that it was a drop-in replacement for me, seemed to be a more viable path for long-term growth given its focus on refactoring the core codebase and explicitly dropping legacy support for some features to that end, and early focus on speed through concurrency.

I'll grouse with emacs users a bit, but honestly... I can't open Vi on someone else's machine and immediately be useful, either. There isn't a huge difference in learning curve for me between "Vi configured by someone else" and "Emacs".

Clearly you are too new to this. They are all term-based at the beginning.

What an amazing comment.

It's like saying, "I hate war and I will fight you to make sure you understand my point of view".

As a long time Vim user (oh gosh 18 years already!), to me the Vim vs. Emacs war has always been a lighthearted joke. If there's any real war, it's more between text editors and IDEs.

I've been "attacked" on several occasions by IDE users for using Vim. Not once by an emacs user.

The real war is tabs vs spaces because that choice gets forced on others. Editors don't matter. You pick what you like best.

If you use emacs or bum, you are part of the cool kids club. If you use an IDE, you might as well be a heretic.

God will curse you since you've mentioned Vim as a "simply a terminal editor".

Emacs and vim can both be used from GUI or terminal.

Since Bram works for google, and google clearly ok with this. Can we say This is “Bram approved”? ;)

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