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I think his advice is correct but doesn't matter in practice. People post stuff online when they learn something and when they are excited about it (some people try to keep blogs just for marketing purposes and usually it doesn't work). If you are a good writer and happen to be slightly ahead of the mainstream, your stuff gets popular. If you are far ahead or with the mainstream, or behind - then it doesn't.

I dunno man, I have a whole bunch of stuff I'd write up, but the soon as I sit down, I dispair that anyone would think it was interesting because it was so obvious. It's happened to me a whole bunch of times. This advice helps in practice because it's way better to just spit stuff out until you hit upon something cool than bury it all. The stuff that will last will last.

If the stuff you'd write seems obvious and boring, you probably waited too much after you figured it out. I'd say write it up immediately, even if it's unpolished.

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