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Show HN: A local SMTP server to test and debug your app's emails (jfoucher.com)
4 points by jfoucher on Feb 28, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Hi everyone. I just built this over a few days because viewing test emails in gmail is slow and also because I'm afraid the recipients might get test emails (in my case suppliers of the company I work for).

I didn't want to use an external service such as mailtrap because I can't have confidential information stored outside of our control. So over a couple of days mostly I developed this SMTP server and web interface to be able to test emails fuly locally.

I know the front end code is bloated and ugly but honestly I don't really have the time to do any refactoring at this point !

Feedback is appreciated. Would you use this ?

Edited to add : Github repo is here : https://github.com/jfoucher/Mailocal

I used Mailhog to test SMTP before. It provides API to get the emails, so I can write automated tests.

Nice. I didn't come across MailHog during my research, but it looks pretty good. The API is a nice idea, but doesn't it make your tests a bit brittle ? I usually use the Symfony Profiler to do that, but something similar may not be available on your preferred stack. Anyway I'm sure there are a lot of projects like Mailocal, but we all enjoy reinventing the wheel sometimes, don't we ? :D

(not sarcasm) I also like reinventing the wheel :P

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