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All my outgoings (including staff wages) are paid for by a number of small sites that I have run. They are quite diverse, but I love creating different things. Here's some of what we do:

www.sourceguardian.com - encryption software for PHP. Have been running this for around 10 years. This alone would be a very good 'wage' for someone

www.europeantenders.com. This provides leads for european government contracts

www.ukscrap.com. This is a referral site that we created for people who's car is 'end of life'.

www.rubyencoder.com. Similar to SourceGuardian. It's for encrypting Ruby source code. We had a need for this ourselves so created it

I run a few more also. I love the freedom that this has given me and the regular income allows me to play with what I'm interested in

Feel free to message me privately if you want any details or just some advice

Hi, sorry for the stupid question here but I'm a tech newby. But why would you want to encrypt php? I thought only the hosting server can view the actual code. Is it possible to view php scripts that are not executed through a browser?

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