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So, at least where I went to school (Georgia Tech) it is well known and accepted that students have word of basically every question that's ever been asked for any given course. Professors also commonly post previous exams as study guides for courses.

Is this not common elsewhere?

in all the universities I've seen in italy you always have access to the previous written exam tests for preparation. For the oral part, when teachers have repetitive behavior, I've often see people collect datasets and use them for studying.

But the case seem different: the teacher in question actually took the tests from a given set and this set was known in advance. This is silly of the teacher, not of the students.

Dartmouth College and Stanford Business School classes did. We often had old tests to study from. Professors need to work harder and think up new questions each year!

Many classes I've taken know this yet still don't bother to change the questions. It actually skews the playing field towards those that have a lot of connections at the university as their more likely to have access to more past exams as many lecturers deliberately avoid placing them online so they can be lazy.

It was the same in my university and every other university I know of. Previous exam questions are widely available for all popular courses.

It would be foolish to think otherwise. What's to stop a student to write down questions after taking an exam and pass on to his juniors? Since this cannot be prevented, the faculty must assume that all students have all previous questions as part of their study material.

Sometimes a professor knowingly reuses his old questions. In that case, the students should warn him: not for the professor, but for their own good. Because otherwise, they will be evaluated on less questions (since almost all students will answer old questions correctly whether they really know the subject or not).

The students made only one mistake here, and it was taking that course from this particular professor.

Same at the University of Michigan, where all previous exams are available, and tests are composed anew each year by the GSIs and professors (usually more the GSIs).

It's exactly the same at Leiden University.

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