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can you please explain that for future use?

Referencing past submissions about the same topic, whether they are exactly the same or merely similar is very useful, especially if those past submissions contain discussions.

You should always link to those past submissions and remain otherwise neutral (or positive if you like). It is not and cannot be the submitters duty to closely track Hacker News for all stories that have been submitted in the past [0]. Duplicates are inevitable, just writing “dupe” helps no one. Be constructive!

[0] I’m not entirely sure whether the submitter should check the front page before submitting. Since a bookmarklet is officially endorsed and prominently linked I would rather think that checking the front page is no requirement. You should maybe only be careful and check the front page or the new page when you want to submit a story about an event that you know will be a hot topic on Hacker News (say, a Google press conference).

As a new member in Hacker News I have thought of this problem a bit. I would like to know the opinion of the community. There are some pearls on the internet that even though can be old and maybe posted before(some months or years ago) they can be useful, interesting and even rekindle discussions where new ideas can be introduced. At the same time posting something that was discussed one two days ago and attracted attention(as you have pointed- I am not talking about the specific topic but in general) should be maybe linked to be fair with the original uploaders.

And I agree that it is good practice at least to check at least the first page of Hacker News or the "news" section to avoid obvious duplicates .

Actually, duplicate submissions for the exact same URL are counted as up votes for the first submission. So using the bookmarklet poses no problem. Using different URLs (thoughtcatalog vs youtube) for the same story causes difficulty, though.

Who cares? This is the first time I've seen it.

All 4 current comments on this story are completely worthless.

I found the link to the past discussion useful and the gratitude expressed for said link uplifting. :)

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