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>Curious, I remember speed being the primary reason.

Chromes super fast start up speed and clean UI is what caused me to switch when it first came out.

I never switched because once upon a time I switched from Opera to Firefox because it was the most free (as in libre) browser and I haven't found a more free browser yet.

I try to live after the maxim: freedom before convenience (at least in parts of my life).

If there's one thing that Google does well, it's convince the relevant people that their software is open source.

See: Chrome and Android

They are though. There are no Edge forks or free iOS distributions.

No, they’re not. They’re based on open source software.

But by that measure safari is open source because WebKit is open source.

> But by that measure safari is open source because WebKit is open source.

There's a lot more closed source code in Safari than there's in Chrome. But sure: Why not give them credit for open-sourcing WebKit? Safari is closer to open-source than IE.

And yet I trust Safari a fucking lot more than I trust Chrome. Something about not being a business reliant on harvesting every bit of personal information possible.

And you're probably right. "Open-source-ness" shouldn't be the only measure when valuing software.

Have you considered switching to lynx?

I used it for a month or something back when I couldn't get the graphics card working, but it was not fun.

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