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Chrome's growth was due to speed initially, but at least a decent chunk of it later was due to trickery. I've had to uninstall Chrome from my Mom's computer multiple times. It's one of the most popular bundleware apps out there. Free antivirus, games, system 'utilities', Adobe Flash updates, etc all got paid to employ dark patterns to sneak Chrome onto PCs and have it automatically set as the default and pinned to your task bar.

Examples: https://imgur.com/gallery/WWZxj

This reason alone is tragic enough to NEVER use Chrome.

And of course it has a complete garbage resources management which can be easly tested by opening few hundred empty tabs.. (mostly freezes whole OS around 180-270 tabs on modern desktops)

which browser right now can handle 180-270 tabs lol?

289 tabs open right now in Firefox (I have a little addon installed that counts them for you).

Firefox does so easily, although Chrome did too last I used it.

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